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Einstein 7 (de lc_1 )

Gain : +153548.25%
Drawdown 3.82%
Pips: 30778.0
Transactions 16908
Type: Réel
Levier: -
Trading: Inconnu

Discussion Einstein 7

Oct 07 2009 at 17:32
posts 3
These Einstein systems are not for sale, because the Einstein systems don't actually exist.

I am only using these results to pretend that I'm a great trading systems developer, so that you will feel the urge to hand over your money to me in the hope that you will get some other great (but in reality crappy) trading system that I did actually develop (using code that I copied from other trading systems).

PacMan (stef)
Oct 07 2009 at 18:27
posts 47
yeh man, you are the best ;-)

Oct 07 2009 at 19:24
posts 31
lol .... too true

lots of little bit's make a one big bit
Oct 07 2009 at 19:27
posts 8
You are a loser for sure. If you knew what you were talking about and spent more time trading good trades and not losing trades you would know better than to flame a programmer that has made a lot of people a lot of money.

To suggest that he even attempts to copy someone elses programs and sells them simply shows what a loser you really are and crawl back into the hole you jumped out of.

He stated clearly that it was not for sale and was using it to advertise his own products and that there are systems that can make money.

I am very familuar with this system and also have the same login information to those accounts and if the system did not work it would not be sold by others.

Get a life man

Oct 07 2009 at 19:43
posts 31
Hey MuddleHD, i think Ic_1 is referring to all the ISEA type systems on here, not Bernard's

lots of little bit's make a one big bit
Oct 07 2009 at 20:17
posts 8
No in results are exactly the same.
 Bernard is in a partnership with other programer's all the time and he is most likely involved in another system here, what he names it is, not relevant, but stats are all the same and he was not trying to sell it which I am sure he could. and this fool here states clearly that Bernard steals other peoples programs and sells them as his own.

This poster has no clue who he is talking about and we all know that Excalibur was pirated and re sold under other names, so who is the thief here really.

Bernard stated clearly that he posted the results here to promote his own work, so what is this persons problem, other than they have never dropped into the support fourm , If they had they would have seen that he is the best that there is and has made money for everyone there and is well supported by his members.

Only a loser would take the time to post this kinds flame stuff here, and it looks like he has many other losers followers as well.

Success to them in their continued losses is all I can say.

I own most all of Bernard's programs , they are not anyone's copies and make pips with them. So why waste any more time with this and the other losers here that have messed up a good posting to begin with. simply because they know nothing and wonder why they are broke.

Oct 08 2009 at 00:28
posts 18
Oct 08 2009 at 04:12
posts 8
he is using the ISEA EA, that EA is a scam.


Oct 08 2009 at 05:05
posts 3
stef posted:
    yeh man, you are the best ;-)

No, it is The Great Pheniox whom I look up to.

You can read about his masterpieces (EBATS KIING ARTHUR and Private King Arthur) in the following discussion threads:


Private King Arthur Discussion

Unfortunately, The Great One has just decided that henceforth, nobody is worthy to set eyes upon such fine masterpieces.

Oct 08 2009 at 05:24
posts 3
MuddleHD, I notice that you only registered 9 hours ago, just to be able to participate in our discussion. I am honored if you are a long-time devotee of Pheniox (or if you are Pheniox himself), as I aspire to achieve such Greatness.

Oct 08 2009 at 20:39
posts 8
Do not see Pheniox as great, and think IP.s are recorded during registration, not sure but I am me, not him. Wish I were.
I have a few of his programs , for sure, not rich, and he tellsl everyone that he will not make then rich either, just makes a few more pips to my account and I am a trader in for the long term.

Yes I registered here after finding so much talk around the new related to this and how Pheniox simply tried to make some free advertising and got jumped on.
Really too bad but sure he will be fine without all the extra problems here.
Perhaps a simple PM to him to begin with would have eliminated all this ' fun' here.

As to Masterpieces he has his own work published here and it is doing very well with around a 100% profit on some of them in this month only.

Since he sells only 500 copies , as I understand it, when he does release something it will not take long to see them disappear as well.

His Excalibur program, was envied by many with over 1,500 beta testers for six months, well documented on many forums, and sold out almost over night so sure he would not have used beta tester,s in any open forum if , as he has been accused, uses other peoples coding.

Sad though that the Excalibur program was hacked and is being distributed around the new.
Without his support it is worthless anyway.
Probably the main reason he no longer supplies demo versions.
I would rather spend my time here watching his other program perform than play in these threads that go no where.

Just my two cents worth here.

Oct 09 2009 at 03:48
posts 25
are you trying to shell that crap EA? nobody believes in that tale of 'only 500 copies'....

Guillermo (GuilleArgentina)
Oct 13 2009 at 18:51
posts 3
Porque no mostras el historial si es q logras semejantes rendimientos??? No seas trucho q no todos somos giles

Oct 26 2009 at 17:18
posts 7
hello ic_1 ,

what leverage u use?
how frequently you trade?
which broker u prefer?

Pinball (pinball)
Oct 26 2009 at 22:17
posts 159
Only one question. What is the profit/loss on open positions as of last data point in the graph?

knowledge as well as smarts are needed to make money.
Oct 28 2009 at 19:48
posts 1
A crappy stolen system that makes 160K in a month?
What am I missing?

Dec 05 2009 at 03:00
posts 3
Hi LC_1 thanks for the advice.

do they have such an ea, unbelievable.

Jan 28 2021 at 10:11
posts 27
This is the type of graph that I wish I had. You have been doing a wonderful job and I would surely like to emulate some features.

Andrea Maiorino (PietroAngelini)
Jan 29 2021 at 14:55
posts 7
Hi can you share with us this strategy on Tradeboot platform? There we can modify your idea and remake a better software. ;-)

il profitto è solo questione di numeri e probabilità
Mar 18 2021 at 04:00
posts 16
Wow! This system looks amazing. I would like some information about this please.

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