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engfx_GoMarkets (de David )

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Discussion engfx_GoMarkets

David (engtraderfx)
Sep 11 2009 at 01:46
posts 12
These reports are running for my personal use & online monitoring over the web. MT4 is being run on a VPS.

These are real accounts, trading mostly personal EA's & a version of fapt & md.

All systems are based on the well know asian session mean reversion concept. Some have pyramiding thrown in.

The Go account is my first forex account right from the start showing all results including the early days & a bad trades. The early account only had $500 & you can see I had quite a % drawdown from early models & using incorrect position size (ie too high!) but have left all data for display for transparency.

You can see since since then, the (improved) results of developing my own models & correctly trading the right risk level so a few stop losses don't wipe out my account. Max position sizing varies now from about 1 to 5 % max risk, maybe 5 to 10 % if I have increased confidence in a system. Increased returns are achieved by multiple systems not increased position size.

Still learning.....
David (engtraderfx)
Sep 25 2009 at 02:08
posts 12
Note to self - well that was unfortunate, hit stop loss on 2 correlated pairs! Will have to look into that, so far I just keep the individual risk down to <= 5% but 2 together made a 10 % drawdown. Maybe I should check for existing trades of correlated pairs or look at a hedge?

Still learning.....
Sep 25 2009 at 06:32
posts 397
10% on just 2 positions sounds too high. maybe you should lower the risk per each trade?

Sleep is for the weak.
David (engtraderfx)
Sep 27 2009 at 01:06
posts 12
I agree, I had a 5 % risk per system, but with so many systems it can add up. However I have had 10% drawdowns in the past & it all recovers, at least I wasn't doing the silly risk (10% +) that some people use for the likes of fapturbo!

I just reviewed the gbpusd system & it is still well within backtested performance so all I can do it keep the risk down & let it play out. Any changes I try to add more filters just made the system trade less often & less profitably in long run so the key is probably just keeping risk down & let probabilities & compounding do their work.

Still learning.....
David (engtraderfx)
Oct 07 2009 at 21:23
posts 12
Cash withdrawal made so lot size now reduced.

New pair added..GBPJPY

Still learning.....
Nov 18 2009 at 16:01
posts 7
did you make any adjustments for GBPJPY, or is it the same?

David (engtraderfx)
Nov 18 2009 at 22:39
posts 12
GBPJPY is similar to the others..small trading window & adjusted rsi & mov avg periods.

Still learning.....
Mar 04 2010 at 08:18
posts 1
Hi !
I'm new to the concept of asian session mean reversion. Please could you give me a link where I can can find information?

Thanks in advance !

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