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Fast Scalping (de jbehera222 )

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Discussion Fast Scalping

Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 04 2013 at 01:38
posts 1355
'As the developer of the EA, I know that this EA will work and also, it will be profitable in REAL account, however, there will be a huge difference in performance of the EA in REAL and DEMO account.'

Well, if you are so confident, show us the real results! Use a micro account, put in $20 (by now I'm sure you have scammed at least one unlucky person out of $600), and then post your results here so you can gain more business by PROVING it works well on REAL accounts.

alx10000 (alx10000)
Feb 20 2013 at 14:46
posts 1
I just think you to real accounts

May 09 2013 at 21:20
posts 10
personally I think this is just another MDP... works amazing on DEMO, but will fail on Real due to the fact that on demo any price you want is given, even if the price moved ten times over... on real it will be rejected or slipped... and since your scalping 2 pips, even a little slip is disaster.

Jul 11 2013 at 07:54
posts 36
Jul 13 2013 at 09:33
posts 36
FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jul 14 2013 at 06:21
posts 1608
Expectancy: 0.3 pips... You can figure out the rest...

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Jul 19 2013 at 03:11
posts 275
You guys should have realized earlier before buying. This account is on demo.

Demo account generate as much profits as it can because it is on perfect virtual world of trading. Verified demo still not enough because it is still demo. Verified real account with more than 3 months of history pretty much more acceptable but still, the vendor can play with you. Nothing is safe when it comes to money. People would do anything to get money from you, doesn't matter the hard way or the easy way as long as they can get the money.

That is why on real account, most EA will fail in the long run or even in short run because of the many problems created by the brokers and other technical problems that may arises.

If you guys still can't see this then I would like to say good luck in your believes.

Remember, anything too good to be true is really too good to be true because it is meant to be that way. Nothing more, nothing less.

Past experience usually helps present self
Oct 20 2013 at 07:11
posts 2
I will pay 22 990 $ willingly and more with victories of money.

Oct 20 2013 at 07:12
posts 2
I will pay 22 990 $ willingly and more with victories of money.

Nov 12 2013 at 21:40
posts 6
This guys is a BIG scammer. He fabricated MT4 data and his live account was shut down recently. I purchased his EA at the price of $2099 and asked for a refund, which he promised a 60-day money back in the beginning, but he never replies back to my repeated refund requests. He went silent. Big Scam here. I asked myfxbook to shut down his two systems (Fast Scalping and Fast Scalping Active 1). Don't become a victim like me. Avoid! He is the BIG CRIMINAL!!

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