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Forex Cyborg Circle Markets (High risk)

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Discussion Forex Cyborg Circle Markets (High risk)

Forex Cyborg (forexcyborg)
Feb 22 2018 at 09:58
posts 27
We added another +8k deposit (splitted on the two circle market accounts) to show the trust we have in our own development.

We are trading now over 18k on all shown live accounts.

This account just started this year and is already up at +82.54% with a max. risk per trade of 5.5%

Great start so far.

Forex Cyborg (forexcyborg)
Mar 07 2018 at 07:02
posts 27
Today we reached the 100% mark on this account after 9 weeks.

There is a new version (v1.2) upcoming which will include some JPY-pairs and a slippage control-module that will display the average slippage for the chosen currency pair and a average slippage for all pairs.
It will be possible to compare your prefered brokers with that tool.
It is currently in the testing and will be released soon.

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