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ForexTruck (de fxtruck )

Gain : +610.32%
Drawdown 18.67%
Pips: 2600.5
Transactions 439
Type: Réel
Levier: -
Trading: Automatisé

Discussion ForexTruck

May 31 at 12:26
posts 6
winifredbass posted:
That is not at all a bad system and even the profits on it look great. What leverage did you use here?

Thank you for your good words. We always prefer to use higher leverage as possible, because it has nothing bad in it. You can have it and not use it, but if in some case you will need it, you will have it. It's the same as with a powerful car - in some cases, it can save your life. So we use leverage 1.500.
ForexTruck can be used with leverage even 1.50 (and even lower) with certain conditions in risks.

May 31 at 12:40
posts 6
strongacc posted:
Taking into account the gain level metric, the trading period, and the drawdown level of the Forex Truck EA I want to say that the profit/drawdown ratio in the case of this robot is close to the one to one and it is quite impressive.

Thank you!
While working on the development of our system, we wanted to create a reliable system with high profitability. I think we have achieved this goal ;)

Jun 10 at 09:03
posts 54
Simple update. Been live trading for a month, and the forward tests are exactly matching the back test results. This is always a positive sign that the system is stable and not heavily broker sensitive.

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