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Oct 21 2014 at 14:46
posts 471
Hi Hans,

I see that your recorded drawdown is larger than the Stopout that you accepted. At what point in DD % does the basket take the Max Stopout?

If you reach 16% dd in the future, will the system try its best to close the basket at about 7% loss?

Thank you
Hans Bowles (hansbowles)
Oct 24 2014 at 11:58
posts 55
Sorry, I hardly check here.

During the grid 1 up to 15 trades max.

If things go south, it will open a second grid at different position which will be order number 16 to max 30, for a total of 30 orders. If things still are going south, I will deal with it myself manually by countertrading, on multiple short trades to eventually go for minor loss or breakeven, and if possible for a small profit ofcourse.

There is no stopout, as the lotsizes are waaaaaay too small to get into dangerous markets.
As shown you can see there is a max of 25% drawdown caused by VPS downtime, so I'm positive it's not needed, nor for myself or my clients.

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