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GreenpointFx (de Mthiya )

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Discussion GreenpointFx

Jan 02 2022 at 08:39
posts 24
December 2021: 54 Trades, 513 pips achieved I am happy with the results.

Beginning of last month I deposited $250 dollars out of my pocket for my trading system based on pattern recognition. I trade all major, minor and exotic currency pairs at the same time. Tell me what do you think about the results?

Drawdown is an important metric for me. It must never be above 20%. and for this account is currently 15.46%. Considering account size ($296) and strategy ( trading 28 currency pairs) drawdown is likely to increase. To prevent this from happening I will deposit $300 this month to increase margin and hopefully keep operating drawdown levels low.
BerinhardTrader (berinhard)
Jan 19 2022 at 13:09
posts 19
double top edge
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