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Let's Trade (de Sarowar Jahan )

Lutilisateur a rendu sa stratégie privée.

Discussion Let's Trade

Don Indunil (sennafx3)
Feb 02 at 02:28
posts 2
Sarowar Jahan (Sarowar2015)
Feb 02 at 11:07
posts 9
It's manual trading, not EA

Feb 09 at 11:53
posts 13
You are doing a good job. I just want to suggest you not increase the leverage. 1:200 is quite high leverage that most traders don’t even think about using.

Mar 10 at 05:29
posts 17
Your system looks amazing. Did you use some particular indicators with this?

Mar 16 at 04:46
posts 17
I don’t like manual systems that much but this certainly looks great. Nice work!

Mar 24 at 12:07
posts 15
This manual system seems good to me. Can you share something about it here? Thanks.

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