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Gain : +1051.44%
Drawdown 38.78%
Pips: 2485.6
Transactions 868
Type: Réel
Levier: 1:500
Trading: Automatisé


May 23 2016 at 11:13
posts 1
I think is a good EA. Have a lost.... its the market rules.
I talk to the vender, and he are making a update.
Lets wait for the update, the vendor have a great potential, and always respond to the email.
Jun 02 2016 at 14:05
posts 7
any news about this ea?,
Vadim (FXdog)
Jun 02 2016 at 15:23
posts 24
Hey to all using Lion FX Trader EA!
I recently asked a vendor about Lion's updates and he asured that new version is almost ready!
Besides i would like to share my experience with Lion.May happened very hard for EA and i have got a DD about 40%!
But i had very high risk factor.For now i use enough balanced risk value=0.1 as recommended and EA already recovered may loss!
I believe the next version will be more safety and profitable!
As for past losses i think its absolutely normal thing because other systems got down at 50 and more %% of DD!
Good Luck to all!
Jun 05 2016 at 06:56
posts 222
Привет, Alex!
Когда будет готова новая версия Lion FX Trader EA?
С уважением,
Jun 05 2016 at 13:36
posts 3
Hello to LionFX-community

Could someone has interest for the test of LionFX with much better modelling quality of Birt's tick suite?
I have made it for period of 2011-2016(29/05/2016) for 3 risk values - 0.02, 0.03 and 0.04.
As you can see the results are very good for risk=0.02, even more impressive for risk=0.03 but with DD ~ 99%, and disastrous with the risk=0.04 (account was fully drained on 11/07/2013).
Another things to be remarked are as follows. From the beginning of 2011 till the end of 2014 the strategy was quite OK with annual profit ~ 100%, but in 2015 it was absolutely marvelous giving unbelievable profit. Now, in 2016 it acts acceptable, but not comparable to 2015. That is Forex Life!
Certainly, I have tested it on other pairs. The results are much more weak.

Good luck for everybody.

Fichiers joints:

Jun 05 2016 at 14:52
posts 7
good test, still a winning ea, just need good money management
Jun 06 2016 at 06:48
posts 14
ordosgoitia posted:
good test, still a winning ea, just need good money management
and an automatic mechanism that imposed themselves the GMT offset😉
Pablo (Pablo_Escobar)
Jun 07 2016 at 10:57
posts 11
What GMT offset must we use for TICKMILL BROKER.

current GMT offset in ea
M. A. Shahid (mashahid)
Jun 23 2016 at 06:27
posts 90
Website of this EA is down. Can you please tell what is the new website.
Jun 23 2016 at 06:43
posts 18
Has Alex ditched us?
Alex (lionfxtrader)
Jun 23 2016 at 06:48
posts 102
PurePower posted:
Has Alex ditched us?

No, EA and support works in the usual mode. website technical problems
Jun 23 2016 at 08:03
posts 13
Thank god I stopped it long time ago :)
Jun 23 2016 at 08:04
posts 18
lionfxtrader posted:
PurePower posted:
Has Alex ditched us?

No, EA and support works in the usual mode. website technical problems

Excellent.... glad you nipped this issue in the bud :)

Should we use the EA during Brexit?

When is version 2.0 coming?
Md Didarul Alam (didarsd)
Jun 23 2016 at 08:10
posts 70
Alex (lionfxtrader)
Jun 23 2016 at 20:42
posts 102
Keep4x posted:
Thank god I stopped it long time ago :)

it is a pity for you. On Forex there is no place for fairy tales.
if you stop Ea at minimum DD.
You will never earn. Because Graal doesn't exist
Alex (lionfxtrader)
Jun 23 2016 at 20:44
posts 102
didarsd posted:
when lion version 2.0 come?

I work on the new version
I not just want to add couple of functions. I try to change algorithm of work + to increase profitability and to reduce DD
Vadim (FXdog)
Jun 24 2016 at 06:05
posts 24
Dear guys who still using LION!
Yesterday was really risky day-Brexit events!
The best way was NOT to trade in this day!But i have made a decision to test the LION on real market extreme conditions!
BUT...i have decreased my previous risk factor settings to minimum (i did not want to loose all my account!).
And...i have earned very much!!!Almost 25% a day!
This all means that LION FX is excellent EA-but needs to set the correct RISK FACTOR and be a little wise as a trader!
In critical Market events the best way-NOT to TRADE at all OR be a little smarter and set decreased RISK factor!
GOOD LUCK to ALL and to LION FX next version reveal!
Jun 24 2016 at 11:41
posts 222
To Vadim: you just got lucky.
Vadim (FXdog)
Jun 24 2016 at 11:50
posts 24
To Yury48:
Thanks a lot friend but i felt my back the market situation and reduced my risk settings that you all could do as well!
The best way would be NOT trade at all on such a market events but i went to risk...weighted risk😀...and WON!
For now i have tested Lion FX and can trust it!
Md Didarul Alam (didarsd)
Jun 24 2016 at 18:19
posts 70
Nice job Alex...we waiting for version 2.

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