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Luxury Rhino REAL (de RedRhinoLab )

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Discussion Luxury Rhino REAL

Apr 20 2015 at 06:56
posts 220
i remember last time your demo luxury has a big DD,maybe because the big price movement?
and this time only 2% DD,so what changed?
Apr 20 2015 at 08:49
posts 26
4070 Pips, 1.95% DD

This really is 'De Luxe' 😁
Apr 20 2015 at 08:54
posts 631
1 month trading history here - https://www.myfxbook.com/members/RedRhinoLab/luxury-rhino/1152897
Luxury Rhino was recreated from scratch. All new algo, order management, and redesign.
This real account here started to trade luxury rhino algo today, previously was viper ea and the large gain today was from turning off viper ea for a week and letting EURUSD and AUDUSD move up higher. I closed closed trades manually and attached Luxury RHino to account today.

The algo will trade full time until equity reach 10,000, then all trades will be closed out and EA will restart with new equity goal.

The design is simply smart scalping with dynamic order handling will result in profits while closing out losses once equity goal has been met.
Apr 21 2015 at 00:58
posts 220
1,Luxury Rhino has any strategy to protect the account? (the most important,or only way it's Keeping withdrawa and reach the goal stop the ea? )

2,i saw your last days orders,it's similar with your old account.and balance increase while the DD% incrase.......

3,maybe for a account 1:100,leverage is not enough....and some broker(one sell order+one buy order need half margin

4.Luxury Rhino 1 License-999.00 €😈
Apr 21 2015 at 07:01
posts 631
I will work out the leverage, balance size, and the risk settings this week.

Equity Protection will be included. What I learned from the demo experience is that 100% gain can be achieved in 30 days, using 5k balance trading 0.10 lots only. Risk is Max == Risk whole balance. Not wise.

These are the setting of my live account. We can reduce by half to earn 50% in 1 month trading 0.05 lot on $5k balance and risk 50% of account( Equity protection at 50%). We can even go lower on the risk with 25% monthly goal with 25% Equity Protection. Then 10% monthly goal with 10% equity Protection. 5%/5%. etc.

The price tag is justified by the monthly gains, as this system doesn't use martingale and can still produce massive gains from scalping alone. Rebates are also in consideration.
Apr 21 2015 at 07:01
posts 631
You can sort trading system by magic number 1311.
In last day, 597.70 pips and floating 750 pips. Luxury Rhino hasn't made money yet but as the markets fool other systems, this system continues to extract pips while managing the losing positions to create new high watermark equity. It just takes some time and more price action to reach those goals.
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