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Nov 09 2010 at 10:31
posts 69
hey Primeval,

everybody knows only Primeval EA works on the Forex 😁

Nov 10 2010 at 07:50
posts 1
Hi hawkfx,

having Hyper EA on an NordFX ECN account like you (both versions), timechange not updated as well, my results are totally different. Very strange to me.....
Any idea?


SolarFX (forexma)
Nov 10 2010 at 07:55
posts 1332

loulou69 posted:
    hey Primeval,

everybody knows only Primeval EA works on the Forex 😁

Yeah, he's THE ONE.😁

"In trading, winning is frequently a question of luck, but losing is always a matter of skill."
Nov 20 2010 at 18:17
posts 2
Hello primrvalea BS :)

 Don't worry about our losses. Worry about that your EA completely LOOSEs people money with any risk Low/high/medium LOL :D

 Yeah, there were losses on some accounts, but on some there were no losses. That depends on IF a client followed our recommendations or not.

 You always say that our EA trades easiest pair EUR/CAD but you are Soooo good with trading multiple pairs LOL :))) Our answer is:

 -Yeah, we made making money so easy, but you made loosing money so convenient :D

 I looked through the web and I found that you are trying to advertise on every forum and criticize a lot of EAs, even Retracer EA - which with almost all customers are happy :))) And you are everywhere BANNED for that kind of Bull*it advertising that makes you LOWER THAN WATER LINE. :)) And you say that you make good sales.... Would anyone advertise on forums or even try to criticize other EA and trying to promote with it his own?? :))) Did anyone who had good sales did it ? :))

 And you really nicely SHOOT UP your mouth on FPA :))) I really liked it :)

TO EVERYONE: Please, do not listen to any EA developer about ''how the EA trades'' not FROM US and even not from this Primeval EA looser guy (who doesn't have money even to make good advertising). I don't know if the Hyper EA is GOOD for you guys.... IT IS WHAT ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE OR JUDGE.

 I just checked Primerval EAs myfxbook forum.... it is so poor... Guys maybe let's donate to primeval ea at least 1$ each? :( He is so envy and poor.... my god...

Nov 23 2010 at 02:00
posts 2

how are you trading audnzd? Are you using the hyper EA on it also?

Nov 23 2010 at 21:28
posts 37
Hi hawkfx,

Is there any chance that you would share your settings, I'd really be interested in seeing your set files. I've been running Hyper EA in demo mode for a month and a half now but with only the normal risk settings. It's done pretty well but it did have one hit the full SL on Oct 25th. However, none of my trades seem to really match up to yours, not sure why. I'm using ATC Brokers for the demo testing. I'll have to enable the low risk settings in a second chart and see how that does.

Jan 10 2011 at 06:46
posts 5
Yes would you please share your settings, My results are not very good. Thanks

Feb 26 2011 at 11:26
posts 9
Hi hawkfx. Can you confirm that all trades on this account is made by HyperEA? I can see that you are trading many pairs! I thought that HyperEA is only for EUR/CAD.

Are you using the new v.2 now?

Charles (hagenuk)
Apr 06 2011 at 01:51
posts 69
hi hawkfx,

what IB agent are you using that are giving you the cashback that I see in your account ?

Apr 13 2011 at 20:39
posts 46
Hi. Nice performance.
How many EAs are you using on this account?
Which EAs are you using on EURUSD and AUDNZD?


May 12 2011 at 18:51
posts 70
I use nordfx, if someone want cashback contact me, also if you have hyper I'll share my settings with you.

May 13 2011 at 00:15
posts 46
I have Hyper on FXClearing.
Do you have any special settings? Are you trading Hyper on other currencies apart from EURCAD?

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