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ResonanceTraderFX (bestfxautomation.com) (de BESTFXAutomation )

Lutilisateur a supprimé ce système.

Discussion ResonanceTraderFX (bestfxautomation.com)

Jun 23 2010 at 15:21
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Automated system utilizing Technical triggers and Economic Event analysis and avoidance for trade selections. RISK_LEVEL = 2. Neural network optimizations are performed weekly. Margin consideration for trades is internally calculated as if the account has 100:1 leverage. If your account has lower leverage, ResonanceTraderFX will use the lower leverage to make trade size calculations.

This account represents a live beta tester account holder who agreed to have balance shown. They had withdrawn all of their funds, and have since re-deposited.

Trades are not updated live but instead once every couple of days or a week, so as to avoid copying of trades with automated software.
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