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Super Profit Trader EA (de Jaytrader2 )

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Discussion Super Profit Trader EA

Dec 14 2015 at 09:38
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Hello Traders!

Super Profit Trader EA at is SCAM!
Do not download the Robot for free and NEVER buy that !!!

Only if you want to burn your money, than use this EA

My story:

I recognized the website last week and checked their results. Turning 10 USD into 40.000 USD in a few days.
The results they show you is pure scam. When you check the times and trades, it was never possible to make profit. Anyhow, in order to detect another scammer, I signed up at FXPro to get the robot for free.

I downloaded the Super Profit Trader Robot last weekend for free. They offer a 90-day trial licence together with FxPro. In fact is an IB (Introducing Broker) for FxPro. The minimum deposit is 10 USD. I knew before that this money is lost.

Tonight, I startet the trading wirh Super Profit Trader EA at the beginning of the week. I use VPS with 9.6ms access time to a London Server. I guess this should be fast enough to use this EA. I used the standard setting, but changed the lot size to the minimum.

A few hours later, my account was down to 3.25 USD.

To get some help I contacted and got a few moments later this answer:

Unfortunately, the free EA license are not coming with support.
The FREE license is self-supported.
You can login to your EA license account and look for EA settings explanation and make your self a better settings that works for you the best.

WHAT ???
They want to sell a robot for 600.- USD and do not support in the trial period ????

Bye, BYE you scammers!

Yours Jay

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