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TrendScalpingPro EA 2 (Sub-account of MAM) (de BrianHarris96 )

Lutilisateur a rendu sa stratégie privée.

Discussion TrendScalpingPro EA 2 (Sub-account of MAM)

Jun 29 2021 at 19:25
posts 232
We are active traders without any Broker bias.

Trend Scalping Pro EA is running in several Brokers, the performance may be different from Broker to Broker due to the different trading conditions.

In some orders, we may even see opposite result.

We think it is normal in Retail Brokers.

The core logic of the EA is solid, some short term issue will not affect the long term performance.
Jun 30 2021 at 13:27
posts 232
Cae 1:

-45.2 pips in this aaacount, +12.4 pips in another account.

Please see the attached screenshots below.

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