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Two Percent Daily (de Birt )

Gain : +31.32%
Drawdown 13.52%
Pips: 1564.7
Transactions 692
Type: Réel
Levier: 1:100
Trading: Automatisé

Discussion Two Percent Daily

Hans (Merrygoround)
Jul 27 2012 at 18:12
posts 41
Is this 2% plus or minus? 😈
Birt (birt)
Jul 30 2012 at 13:26
posts 166
So far, it's more like minus two percent quarterly...
Matt (BluePanther)
Jun 08 2013 at 23:47
posts 1358
Looks like it is performing as it should be, with low DD and constant profits. But why are there two large drops early on? I couldn't find a loss in the history to reflect these huge drops, but perhaps I missed it?

Is it possible to obtain this EA free on a forum, or is a license required to be purchased?
Birt (birt)
Jun 09 2013 at 13:13
posts 166
The EA has a huge stop loss and if you look more carefully or if you sort the positions by the number of pips you will find the losses. You need to purchase a license for it, more details are available at https://eareview.net/live-forward-test/two-percent-daily
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