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daledube14 Hier à 04:09
I also on buy now on 4 hr chart
MaqhaweDlamini Hier à 04:11
let see what it does
nate6 Aug 01 at 18:48
Why someone trying to be like me for
sammarjoram Jul 22 at 11:05
What is gold looking to do today please?
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 25 at 18:35
Eish uyasho? ... benzima Kuleviki igold
fravindojnr Jul 25 at 18:51
yh thats right gold is gonna retrace down first to pick liquidity before it impulses upwards.
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 21 at 10:03
Lets look for buys on gold
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 22 at 16:41
how are you ... just log on now
fravindojnr Jul 25 at 18:52
overall bias is up
SalemB Jul 19 at 08:24
Bonjour d'autres avis ?
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 21 at 11:05
am gonna look for buys
RohanJangid Jul 28 at 06:48
buy buy buy
testmebro1337 Jul 18 at 07:24
Testing the feature
daledube14 Jul 17 at 11:11
WS in d sell from day one.
testmebro1337 Jul 17 at 10:19
Testing the feature
testmebro1337 Jul 17 at 10:17
Testing the feature
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 16 at 12:31
good news on the dollar we go down
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 16 at 11:35
use trailing stop loss and manage thetrade
daledube14 Jul 16 at 11:33
Came all the way back to my sell... still holding
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 16 at 11:34
keep holding man
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 15 at 10:02
price is finding difficulty to continue
propulsivus Jul 15 at 10:40
as expected
ChoiceGlobal Jul 15 at 13:58
next stop will be 1848
propulsivus Jul 15 at 14:14
if it bounce of 1820
daledube14 Jul 14 at 11:49
Going against the odds.. selling to 1780.. just my opinion... good luck
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 14 at 09:33
Lets go
daledube14 Jul 14 at 09:32
Morning all taking some sell now at 1806tp
daledube14 Jul 13 at 01:22
Love the update..took my sell at 1792. Will buy in morning time
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 15 at 04:20
how sir
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 15 at 04:21
lets see what happens. trail stop until we are kicked out
daledube14 Jul 12 at 01:51
hi guys...i reversed my trade..selling TP1774.00 because ff drawings and reversal hea and shoulders shampoo
daledube14 Jul 10 at 18:52
still learning to use charts specs..if it does not break out above...sell to $1758 den buy
daledube14 Jul 10 at 18:18
took abot 2months to reach $1909. same 2mnths from $1759 to $1959. just my prediction. any opinion?
daledube14 Jul 10 at 18:09
omg....just added more lines on one day...trend guys..... buy
daledube14 Jul 10 at 18:06
i am amazed when drawing some lines can do
daledube14 Jul 10 at 17:44
hi. just joined.opened a small live account to start trading. did gold trade in demo.many positive results.hop it works for us all in live. I have similar drawings but TP was not so high. nice work
daledube14 Jul 10 at 18:03
i used 1day chart...dont know how to copy from platform mt4 to you to look at
daledube14 Jul 10 at 18:09
how to send pic to you?
yaimak Jul 09 at 01:55
I'm a beginner, I would hold this till 184X.XX
Touraj Ostovari
TorajOstovari Jul 08 at 13:26
Gold would come down long position at the moment is risky
mronejr Jul 08 at 12:17
I also took this beautiful trade.
MaqhaweDlamini Jul 08 at 12:21
fravindojnr Jul 08 at 19:03
will xauusd rise higher
save02867 Jun 16 at 06:31
look like so busy
RabindraBadatya Jun 01 at 08:27
then what will be my tp?
RabindraBadatya Jun 01 at 08:27
can i sell xauusd now??
paragHindusthani May 07 at 07:11