Cowie123 Mar 13 2016 at 12:12
How long does it take to double your pot ?
I trade with a few friends, we have explored the world of Forex for 6 years now and we think we are very close now to a solution that will work. as you can see from the number of tests we have put up that it has not been a simple or easy solution to find.
We have made many EA's and indicators over the years and now have a set of tools whicch we are finally settling into profitable configurations. There is a lot of rubbish out there that does not work. Unfortunately new traders have to learn that for themselves usually.

I have never posted till now as I had nothing much of any importance to say.
The most useful discovery or invention I have to offer is the metric I developed to help me compare various and investment opertunities. since we are all here for one common interest -= to make more from our money we invest here. its a sad fact that many many of us fail - 95% to 97% are the popular statistics.
so my metric is simple - how long does it take to double your pot - on a given investment.

I now have tools that can honestly answer this question with something between 6 months and 3 days. I did a double in a day once - on demo - it was actually a treble then it went bust the same day - I might have been a bit too agressive.

I have recently adopted what we call the stagecoach approach - this is where we select 6 configurations of systems that make money and tie them together to form a joint effort - when the more aggressive ones fall over the longer term ones keep the progress going. we are just about finished engineering the "horses" to pull the stagecoach. when we do it should be a consistant progress for the most part. our current selection are all below 6 month doubles.

More later