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John Flannery


Nom John Flannery

I am risk adverse but I am also 21. I focus more time planning to execute the trade than my market entry. I really don't see how market entry is as important when you consider the factors of confidence, risk tolerance, and expectations. an IPS is key even when dealing with your own money.

I am currently focused on the foreign currency trade. I prefer to trade USD/JPY but trade all the main currency when certain economic events unfold. I use a lot of technical analysis with some fundamentals but am currently reading up and learning to use more and more fundamental news and learn how to trade the market based on macro events. I use a position sizing strategy. Forex is a tough market and I don't think many people will find success in it immediately through a higher percentage of winning picks. I prefer to invest 2% of my account equity at a time with a higher limit order, than stop loss. This way I can still stay profitable with a larger amount of "wrong picks."

I believe in a diversified portfolio in all sense of the meaning. This being said I also watch stocks however have no been trading them as much lately due to my focus on FOREX. I try to allocate my stock picks into Small Cap equities, High yield fixed income, and Growth companies.

Ultimately I think forex trading robots are the future. If I can code a robot program to fit my trading style and to run 24 hours a day on the forex market, I take the hardest part of FOREX trading out of the equation; emotion. Do not confuse this with a magic robot that works for everyone. That is suicide. Only a set of programs (one for a bear, bull and sideways market) that fits an individuals style will have any success.

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