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After years of acquaintance with the financial market, you come to the conclusion that the only objective criterion for assessing a trader's competence is - ITS RESULT ...
        You can shine with your economic knowledge as much as you like, talk about the years of trade, about the amount of time deleted from life in front of the charts, debate, argue, prove the effectiveness of your work in words, but you cannot deceive the dry mathematics of numbers ...

Style de trading:
My trading on the market is structured in such a way that I work only during the European and American sessions - no sleepless nights at the monitor! All positions, usually two or three per week, have time to close within a few hours - the market is for life, not life for the market!

"Market for life, not - life for the market!"

Expérience 1-3 années

Localisation ru

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Enregistré Apr 19 2016 at 12:20

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