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Started trading a demo account back in May and once comfortable moved to a real account later that month. Made good profit for the first week but wasn't setting stops, doh! Got caught with layered losses on the wrong side of the NZDJPY run when they held/improved our credit rating in May. Blew up that account and topped it back up. Now working to learn how to trade properly, one pip at a time...

Style de trading:
Tried alot of different styles but mostly ended up being guesswork and hope.Jumping in too quick for the sake of having a trade open has been my downfall.Preference going forward is range trading between S

Earning my account balance back, one pip at a time...

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BollingerBounce -215.24% 98.68% -13071.3 Manuel 1:50 Réel
BollingerBounceDemo -51.75% 53.51% -1148.2 Manuel 1:50 Démonstration
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