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I used to be an independent trader. Year after year I trade for my own 'till I finally decided to set up a team.

Together, we enhance our trading system to be as simple as possible and forgetting any kind of complicated theories that we've learned before.

One thing for sure, we don't do manage funds. So, please, stop asking us to manage your account.

You can always subscribe to my signal by simply register to our website :


Style de trading:
:: Monthly Expected Return = 5%
:: Annual Expected Return = 50%
:: Drawdown Risk < 20%
:: Recommended lot size 0.1 standard lot per USD 5000.

Please be noticed that our contract size now is 100,000 (standard lot) like in most common brokers.
If you use higher risk then recommended the return will increase proportional, but so will the expected drawdown. With too high risk you can lose your entire account.


Hi everyone, it's me JP

Many of you maybe still have no clue why we suddenly closed our master account and terminated our partnership with our broker.

It all started with one day full of incidents caused by the broker that I’ve been using for these past 4 years which is Futures Galleria. On Monday, 18 August 2014

On behalf of our clients and subscribers, it has become our duty to make an important decision before it drags them into the depth of kicking and screaming.

As the result, we decide to close account and not to trade until this issue is investigated and resolved properly.

One thing for sure, we won’t stop, we will keep trading. This is how we make a living and this is what we are good at, because we are traders!

You can read full the explanation here :
- https://tradersfamily.com/partnership-termination-futures-galleria/
- https://tradersfamily.com/letter-johnpaul77-retrospection/
- https://tradersfamily.com/johnpaul77-incidents/


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