I have been trading since 2004. I learned the hard way. Experience with almost every broker and tried many systems before developing my own system. And no I will never sell it. And yes you can see my signals, but don't ask how my trading system works because its a secret ;)
Style de trading
I watch for good set-ups ;)

I use a few different indicators and S/R levels for confirmations on my set-ups, but I have my own trading style that I don't really talk about much.
Trading is Fun...


Systems by TrendySystem

Nom Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Levier Type
Trendy System 1.0 488.48% 23.37% 2348.0 Mixte 1:50 Démo
Trendy System 2.0 269.19% 9.10% 1136.6 Mixte 1:50 Démo
Trendy System 3.0 1014.46% 62.95% 2829.3 Mixte 1:100 Démo
Trendy System 4.0 288.66% 29.72% 848.3 Mixte 1:100 Démo