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Nom Jamil

Since inception of trading career have studied the art of algorithmic trading and fundamental programming analysis for trading the financial markets. Have in-depth knowledge of how the Dynamic Forex Markets work. My first successful forex trade occurred at age 16 when I could only play with demo accounts at the time. I studied the art of price action, trend trading, and break out trading. The only indicators I have ever used successfully was Fibonacci and EMA's. Other than that pure price action, until I noticed I could not be around to catch all trading opportunities. So I started to get into algorithmic trading. Now I find the best automated systems decode them modify them and perfect their strategies. Basically I am a code innovator. Find the weak spots in the coding and have them optimized. Some would say it is not legal or ethical to modify someone else's code, but when I do I don't share the modifications I keep them private. I do not believe in piracy of code and I respect the original program developers. If you want code buy it or learn MQL4/MQL5 to program your self.

Style de trading:
I prefer Algorithmic Arbitrage trading. This is the true only strategy you will find that will auto update and adapt to the ever lasting dynamic Forex markets without any form of optimizations. "The reason why?" Latency will always exists on MT4 Trading terminals. There is nothing faster than the speed of light and the servers used for Forex are already on a fiber optic network and there are still latency issues to exploit. The only way you can lose with arbitrage is if the broker imposes excessive slippage, makes rules about trade lengths, or does not allow the strategy at all. Reason why strategy is not allowed most places is because of the success rate and risk free trading style.

Count pips in my Dreams While my Algorithmic Systems Are ATM money Machines.

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