I run into Forex through a friend of mine. Is over 2 years since I have been trading and it has been quite fun. I am not your typical fx trader because I like to think outside the box and this what makes me different and sometimes odd with other fellow traders. I love to keep in touch with other fx trader via chat rooms and forums and instant message with skype.
Style de trading
I really don't believe so much in indicators and trend patterns although I might find myself using them from time to time. I like to trade 5 second chart, 1 minute chart and the 15 minutes chart. I watch news events at Forex Factory Calander and I like to read Fx magazines. I don't follow the stock market and I could care less what they are doing. I find FX Options interesting although I don't know much about it.
Grace is the greatest thing ever!


Systems by wilfredoaa

Nom Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Levier Type
Zig Zag -25.87% 67.60% -1382.7 Manuel 1:50 Démo
Contest - wilfredoaa -91.39% 92.89% -460.3 - - Démo
ZZ EA -0.53% 1.12% -698.7 Automatisé 1:50 Démo