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The Forex market, I started trading in 2007. My beginnings were simple, little information, no practical experience and little money that I could invest. My first online broker was Plus500.
The first EA I bought about a year, FAPturbo. With the score board was not much spoken and began to think about their own EA.
In 2009 I started researching the possibility of MT4 and technical analysis.
In 2010 I launched the first version ynvest.net-average, which used only the moving average. Since then I have remodeled several times the original EA and now it is much better ... :-)
In 2013 I start first PAMM account with fxopen.com

Style de trading:
I use mostly their own EA ynvest.net-average in version 0.38.2, which uses the known indicators Moving Average, Bollinger Bands and Williams' Percent Range.

I will NOT sell my EA, the only way to use it is to join my PAMM account.

It doesn't rain, just dripping ... :-)

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Systems by yossarian

Nom Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Levier Type
RoboForex pro1 (ynvest.net) 218.16% 93.39% 1146.2 Automatisé 1:500 Réel
FXOpen fix1 (ynvest.net) 138.54% 99.12% 18539.0 Automatisé 1:500 Réel
Contest - yossarian 7.48% 36.02% 1542.6 Mixte 1:200 Démo
JBpro (ynvest.net) 191.49% 89.81% 7705.2 Automatisé 1:500 Réel
PAMMfxopen.com (ynvest.net) 471.26% 93.99% 2920.0 Mixte 1:100 Réel
Contest - yossarian -71.40% 78.41% -787.5 - 1:200 Démo
PAMMInstaForex (ynvest.net) 237.57% 63.25% 3394.2 Automatisé 1:400 Réel
JuraB_fxopen -99.87% 99.96% -2558.6 Mixte 1:400 Réel
JuraB_xm 15.08% 85.68% 2622.5 Mixte 1:400 Réel
JuraB_fxopenBTC -99.59% 0.00% -8931.5 Mixte 1:3 Réel

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