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Aug 03 2019 at 14:40
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The German 'Libertex' (libertex.com) is great, but I can't recommend their international platform (libertex.org).

I'm registered on the German one (.com), deposits and withdrawals are very safe and fast (withdrawal comes from a German bank account, so it only takes 1-2 bank working days; deposit via 'Sofortbanking' is also safe and very fast (it just takes seconds)). The platform itself is very slow, so I can only recommend it for long-term trading. Their ESMA regulations are not so good for my strategy though. Leverage is okay, but an automatic SL (50% for cryptos and other currency & commodity assets, and only 20% for stocks) is not really working for my 'low leverage long-term strategy'.

A friend of mine is registered to the international one (.org), and they are doing weird things when he wants to withdraw his money. They complain he's a German living in Dubai (this is actually very correct as he lives and works there with his wife). I hope everything is ending fine for him now as he was already complaining to them (the second payment only took them 1 bank working day, but the first one, the cancelled one, is still not refunded). The international platform is a bit better for my strategy though as there's no automatic SL; the only negative thing is that the platform is slow aswell and that the cryptos are having an automatic TP (only 10% if you use lower leverages).

patience is the key
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