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Hi traders

I recommend on this company. They are good.

I start with 8 days free trial.

Now I work with them 2 months.

85% from the trades are arrived to take profit.

Its good result. I look a few years for those result.

They have good support by:

Online chat in the site

Skype: signalstrading1

And FaceBook

Have a nice day
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Hi, I am interesting in to know how can i get free singnals from your service?
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In each service are marked as spam and has a lot of very bad opinion, it's probably not a coincidence...
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They have good result. I start with them free trial with them.

In the last 3 week I make 661 pip

They have verify account by Myfxbook

Click on the the right side of the web site and ask from online chat representative the link for the verify account by MyFxbook.com

And he will give you the verify result.

Good trading


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Hello Could you please tell me where I can see your MyFxbook results?

Thank you

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Its work very good for me.

I start with the free trial. (Now i'm paying member)

I make more then 30% in my real account.

They have verify account in MyFxbook and I have same result...I'm happy with that.

Keep up the good work

Thank you


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