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opo iki
Mata,Hati,Fikiran Adalah Indicator Yang Luar Biasa
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Below 12 currency pair FX signaling based on D1 time frame have been added on top of 4 major currency pairs from 8 Nov, 2012.


For these currency pairs, no exit signals will be provided. You need to set up your own exit strategies based on the below average daily trading range per currency pair.

For more details, pay a visit at https://www.freefxmembership.com/index.php?news&nid=14

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Just looking at the website, I hope it gets better with time.
Looks like someone is working very hard to come up with some trading system per the MyFxbook site link. This is good
systems on MyFXbook links -- this is good,
but accounts are demo and not verified, this is bad
No phone number, address, email, names. This is bad.
Called Free forex club, but everything cost money, ie Lies
Called a 'Club', but not forum to post, or list of members, now way to join, not way to contact other members. ie lies again
No Training, or blog other free information
Looks like a martingale systems making 2-3% per month.
Did not have information for people with US brokers with 50:1 margin. And they amount they need to trade or performance on account like that. Bad for US people, Good for others.
Had old US brokers listed at 200:1 margin, Most older US accounts were 100:1 site needs up dating
Data in demo accounts, Demo account are good for larger pip moves like 50 pips, but not small trades like less than 20 pips and slipage and getting filled are a problem. Looks like smaller trade, but trades are hidden.
I go to local trading clubs with real people, way better than this trading club with no members that cost money
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Currently https://freefxmembership.com website is facing technical trouble! You can always access to its mirror site (back up site) at https://www.freefxmembership.herobo.com Thanks.
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orng indonesia ya?
The slightest change, WILL CHANGE YOUR FUTURE ....
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fitgh like chompions we like tiger
Experiend is the good teacher
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