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1. Trading Session – I trade mostly the London and New York sessions mainly due to liquidity. I sometimes hold trades over the weekend and will only close out a trade early if there's an opposing signal.

2. Time Frame – I only trade the 4hr and daily time frames.

3. Trade Quantity – My trading system gives me on average 4-6 trades per week depending on market volatility.

4. Trade execution – I'm a 100% manual trader. No robots or EA’s allowed.

5. Risk / Reward – I always lookout for trades that can possibly generate at least 1:2 risk/reward. This is not always achievable but I do get close as often as possible. There are times when I will hit a nice 1:3 or 1:4 winner...:-)

I trade using my own strategy which i developed over the past 3 years of testing, analyzing and trading the forex market. It's a simple strategy which makes use of a few technical indicators and because i trade the higher time frames (4hr, daily) i can set my orders and walk away. My trading style is very relaxed...:-)

Smooth seas never made a skillful sailor....!!!

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