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Guinevere DPGL (By Pheniox )

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Guinevere DPGL Обсуждение

Oct 17 2009 at 22:30
18 комментариев
how is this version of lady guinevere different from V2.1

Nov 02 2009 at 21:29
11 комментариев

I have been reading about you and your products and of course I am impressed. Just one question about the Guinevere EA so far...

On your website, the following quote is found in the description of Guinevere.

'Fully beta tested and has not lost one trade since its release'

I was just checking to see if that still holds true. Please keep in mind I am still a relatively new to this. It appears that it has actually lost some trades. Can you explain the discrepancy, or am I missing something?


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