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How Read the Chart Without indicators В Опытные трейдеры на Pisano498 - 12 минут назад
Indicators will not make you money on there own, let me clarify, Without a structured trading plan.Which consists of StrategyEdge (If you have no edge, you will blow up) period.Money managementRisk rewardand all the usual caveats .But 99% Of indicators are lagging they tell you where you are on the chart NOW or have been in the past.You need ...
Cliff 2020 В Торговые системы на Alexey - 2 часов назад
Opened the position with silver. The price was 23,30$. Take profit is 25$. Have a nice day.
RF В Торговые системы на Sergey - 5 часов назад
Здравствуйте. А можно узнать название советника?
Myfxbook failed to create account - please contact... В Общее на eenzaameendje - 6 часов назад
Hi everyone,I have been using MetaTrader 5 EA Connection Wizard from Myfxbook (https://www.myfxbook.com/help/connect-metatrader5-ea) for the past 2 months without any issues.However, since yesterday the tool is unable to upload any statement to the online trading tracker system. I have triple-checked everything on my end:- Algo Trading is enab...
APIs В Программирование на Odipo - 7 часов назад
Where do i get my api key??
Decode Global В Брокеры на JerryYeoh - 8 часов назад
Alpha Hype TrendPro EA / Robotforexpro В Торговые системы на RobotForexPro EA - 14 часов назад
Please check again, we reinstall software, now must show everything except live open trades.
broker withdrawal issues В Новые трейдеры на Ronglover - 15 часов назад
Who is the broker
How to earn more? Real advice from experienced tra... В Опытные трейдеры на Rococo_XVII - 15 часов назад
What will happen if I tell you that I saw an advertisement with broker with a leverage of 1:1000??
DeSilva's High Risk Gold (Cent) В Торговые системы на DESILVA GROUP - 15 часов назад
Sorry Only speak English.Please reach via telegram @dinesh26
EURUSD Analysis and Forecast В Опытные трейдеры на Rococo_XVII - 15 часов назад
By the way, I hope that a reversal will begin next week. And the euro dollar will go up.
StriFor В Брокеры на MamHindi - 16 часов назад
The platform has proved itself only on the positive side. Withdrawals and replenishments are without complaints.There is a Chat-bot and Telegram channel.
PAY ATTENTION TO PRICE ACTION ! В Опытные трейдеры на Ale - 16 часов назад
Forex Fury EA В Общее на ajovanovski - 16 часов назад
Has anyone had any type of experience with Forex Fury? I tested on a demo account but it seems to blow the account.
Question about fees on leveraged trades В Новые трейдеры на ThomasNovak - 18 часов назад
You're right, in forex, there typically aren't fees for holding positions intraday, even with leverage. It's different from stock trading, where fees can vary.
ThinkMarkets В Брокеры на PaoloManganiello - 19 часов назад
There is something SO IMPORTANT this Broker has above the others: Authorization for FCA England. You must to look for any broker who has Authorization in US or England. this means your money will be well stored.
Forex Chief В Брокеры на Louis Larson - 21 часов назад
A good broker. Spreads are like everyone else's, the commission is not high. The execution of transactions is limping, but everything is fine.
LUX В Торговые системы на WhiteWitcher - 21 часов назад
Oh I would say the stability over a long period of time indicates reliability.
broker withdrawal issues В Опытные трейдеры на WhiteWitcher - 21 часов назад
Oh do you have proof?? It is pure talk without any evidence. No offense. Maybe you can send us a correspondence about how they justify not returning the money??
forex or crypto В Общее на WhiteWitcher - 21 часов назад
Oh sure. Without basic skills + lack of experience will give a 100% negative result. The ability to correctly assess your abilities will save you from big losses. Lol.