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Имя Mike

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Professional Manual and Automated Market trader that primarily focuses on simple trading strats. Trading mind set and risk management are the factors in being successful
. I'm not here to sale systems or any products. New traders are more than welcome to contact me. In addition, I use Myfx to track performance of experimental systems .

"Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune"

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Имя Прирост Просадка Пункты Производительность
Expectancy +165.75% 6.22 8397.1 Expectancy performance
Expect4 +406.84% 8.57 9313.2 Expect4 performance
New Manual Trading stratgey +265.74% 20.87 2657.4 New Manual Trading stratgey performance
Manual trade MAC +32.68% 14.92 326.8 Manual trade MAC performance
Keltner Manual Strat +42.12% 18.14 421.2 Keltner Manual Strat performance