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FX Choice Обсуждение

Sep 30 2016 at 09:55
3 комментариев
I have tried a couple of ECN brokers so far, FXChoice is the third and I’ve been very happy with them. They have an exceptional customer service. Their spreads and commissions are low, that I really like, since I’m a scalper. Many times I’ve contacted their live chat with different questions and I’m grateful to them for answering to my questions and educating me. A nice experience so far. Keep up the good work guys!

Sep 26 2016 at 13:47
3 комментариев
One of my friends introduced me to fx choice back in 2014. I have been trading with them for 2 years now. There were ups and downs but in overall I am happy with my trading in fx choice so far. I’ve had a trade dispute recently when my stop loss was executed 14 pips worse than I had initially set. I was angry, I thought I never experienced such slippage before, because I try to avoid trading before major economic news or data releases. However, they explained what exactly happened to my trade and why it was closed with such a big slippage.
Having said that, I should also say that most of my TPs have been closed with a better price. It means you can have both negative and positive slippage while trading with fx choice. I think it is a very positive thing. Thanks.

Cuong Truong (Cryptocurrency)
Jul 29 2016 at 03:48
178 комментариев
How is it that your spread is so low during brexit time, but is extremely high on July 28th, 2016 at 10:47pm central time?

The spread was at 74 points. No BIG NEWS going on at that time.

I've attached a screenshot to show you.



I trade Forex using my Bollinger Trend PRO mt4 indicator.
FXChoice Ltd (myfxchoice)
Jul 14 2016 at 09:57
62 комментариев
Dear @Cryptocurrency

For your information the spreads were as follows:

Min: 0.00005
Max: 0.00472
Avg: 0.00012

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our 24/5 Live Chat Support.

Kind regards
FX Choice Limited

Cuong Truong (Cryptocurrency)
Jul 14 2016 at 03:24
178 комментариев
What is the lowest spread and highest spread for EUR/USD on June 23, 2016 and June 24, 2016 ???

I trade Forex using my Bollinger Trend PRO mt4 indicator.
FXChoice Ltd (myfxchoice)
Jul 12 2016 at 12:33
62 комментариев
Hi @Cryptocurrency

Thanks for your question. You wish to know what our spread was during Brexit, but you didn't specify for what currency pair and at which point in time during the referendum.

All currencies have their own spread characteristics. Besides, since the spread we offer is variable, you have to be more specific about your question. Spread values may change hundreds of times during the day.

Also we neither calculate nor store average spread values. What we can do is tell what the spread value was at a particular point in time for a particular currency pair.


Feel free to get back if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards
FX Choice Limited

Cuong Truong (Cryptocurrency)
Jul 10 2016 at 04:49
178 комментариев
What is the average spread during Brexit?

I trade Forex using my Bollinger Trend PRO mt4 indicator.
Jun 29 2016 at 09:55
4 комментариев
This broker is fair, honest every time dealing with you. Best speed execution I have ever meet. The support team is always willing to help.
Every time I passed thought support I had clear answers and quick feedback. It is rather appreciate me. No scamming and playing against you even in high volatility e.g. during Brexit.
I gave 5 stars for all. And stay with FX Choice

Jun 08 2016 at 06:17
2 комментариев
Nice broker. Really appreciate it. Quick withdrawn and deposits via bank transfer. For majors FXchoice offers low spreads. No cheating. Different patforms for use are at you own. True ECN. There are no webinars and experts center provided, but you can use Myfxbook.
For support I gave 5 stars - clear&quick.

Apr 07 2016 at 06:20
1 комментариев
I'm on FX Choice live more than 1 month. This guys are awesome. The spreads are good, even not the excellent one, but good. Nowadays too many scam brokers with poor support and hidden commissions. This broker has relevant information on the web site with clear performance of all commissions depending on account type.
Fast deposit and withdrawals. Fast execution as well.
No complains.

Feb 12 2016 at 11:33
2 комментариев
I have been with these guys for over a month now and I must say I am glad I stumbled upon them and here is why. I am a relatively new trader and I guess the lack of knowledge is the source of all my problems. I didn’t know that MT4 charts only display one of the two prices, which is BID. And when I was taking short trades, I always wondered why my orders are not getting closed when the price on the chart touches my TP levels. And one of these times I got really pissed, because I thought they were taking advantage of me, so I contacted their support to air my anger. I was lucky, I got to chat with someone very patient and knowledgeable, they were not phased with my profanities. They guy or a girl (don’t know who is hiding behind the nicknames) calmly explained to me that I was supposed to be looking at the ASK and told me how to make it appear on my charts. Long story short, these guys, take time to explain things to their clients, even though they are not really supposed to do that and I strongly believe this thing alone makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Jan 26 2016 at 15:28
1 комментариев
Just opened an account with them last week as they have many good reviews in FPA. And it's ECN broker.
My wire from my bank to my account in FXChoice was quite in under 24 hrs. The commission is average in industry. Spreads are ok. I tried to make test withdrawn and it was also ok. In 24 hours I saw money in my bank account. The support team is one of the best I ever met. So going ahead with this broker.

JT (RaVonX)
Jul 29 2015 at 06:38
6 комментариев

Let's take it to the MOON...!!! I NOW OFFER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT...
mauro benintendi (mabene70)
Nov 20 2014 at 09:38
9 комментариев
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