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How Read the Chart Without indicators

Jun 04 at 15:46
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Členem od Aug 16, 2021   4 příspěvků
Jun 04 at 15:46
I encouraged newbie or serious manual traders to take serious attention and study these indicators.

Some professional and experience traders makes more than 100% profit within a week and some of them doubled their account in one trading day with manual trading along with their secret system without indicator.

I wish to be one of them in the near future and strongly believed readers in this community have the same wish as i wish.


Trust Yourself To Make Money For You.
Music free your mind
Členem od Aug 16, 2021   4 příspěvků
Jun 04 at 15:48
for examples, direction on Friday NFP, very big score
Music free your mind
Členem od Aug 19, 2021   199 příspěvků
Jun 05 at 08:02
Oh as for me, trading without indicators looks strange. Especially if you are a newbie. So the chances of losing money only increase.
Členem od Aug 05, 2022   18 příspěvků
Jun 06 at 14:00
I doubt real trading profs don't use indicators.
Členem od Aug 16, 2021   4 příspěvků
Jun 07 at 16:28 (Upravené Jun 07 at 16:29)
lets think, lets ask yourself

are indicatore ok, working > No
Expert advisors > No

only made losses

Music free your mind
Členem od Aug 16, 2021   4 příspěvků
Jun 07 at 16:31
u can see on link what i am talking about @TakeAride
Music free your mind
Členem od Oct 18, 2021   90 příspěvků
Aug 28 at 14:16
Interesting to try. Although I agree that it will be difficult and most likely I will begin to loose.
Členem od Feb 12, 2016   22 příspěvků
Sep 04 at 09:55
Many would read and reach different conclusion but profitable trading used naked price action requires that you consistently read the same as majority who attempted to read. Also you should do it earlier to take advantage of their late action.
Členem od Mar 31, 2021   221 příspěvků
Sep 20 at 19:16
Everyone has his own path. I tried trading without indicators, but immediately started losing. Therefore, I decided not to take any more risks.
Think thrice before opening an order
Členem od Aug 03, 2023   4 příspěvků
Sep 21 at 10:50
Indicators will not make you money on there own, let me clarify,

Without a structured trading plan.
Which consists of

Edge (If you have no edge, you will blow up) period.
Money management
Risk reward
and all the usual caveats .

But 99% Of indicators are lagging they tell you where you are on the chart NOW or have been in the past.

You need to study predictive edge indicators to give you a chance in trading.

Členem od Oct 18, 2021   90 příspěvků
Sep 22 at 20:09
Yeah dude. I agree about studying for 100%.
Členem od Oct 19, 2019   1 příspěvků
Sep 25 at 00:51 (Upravené Sep 25 at 00:53)
higher time frame guides your direction bias.....will help you more accurate with trading indicators.. even if you use the lower timeframes for entries
Členem od Aug 19, 2021   199 příspěvků
Sep 25 at 18:34
Oh do you prefer trade with candles?
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