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League Of Transparent Traders

The Mad Quant (madquant)
Mar 18 2020 at 07:08
52 zpráv(a,y)
You can join this group if your 'active' and 'real' account performance is open for public to see for transparency purposes.

New, old, small, large, profitable, unprofitable accounts are all welcome. NO NEED to show your total account. What we need to see is just the gain or how well you do.

Let's have friendly discussions with people who are transparent and 'honest'.


The Mad Quant (madquant)
Mar 18 2020 at 09:39
52 zpráv(a,y)
As a starting point (and before I even speak), I am posting my account. Here it is:

Be known to all that any type of 'SELLING', 'SOLICITING INVESTMENTS' or 'RECRUITING' is NOT ALLOWED.
Let this group be just 'pure' topics about trading only. Let this group be for 'REAL TRADERS' only.

Please post your 'real' and 'active' accounts whether that be profitable, unprofitable, break-even, new, old, small or big etc. and let's start conversing. :-)

The Mad Quant (madquant)
Mar 18 2020 at 11:48
52 zpráv(a,y)
Come on guys! Let's do this. :-)

Mar 23 2020 at 20:24
1 zpráv(a,y)
Hello guys! I am at the beginning of this new journey trying to become a professional trader!

all my data is open to the public!

Mar 24 2020 at 05:01
140 zpráv(a,y)
Semi automated trading here with a new algo I recently made for trading GER30 DAX
Semi Auto Dax Algo

The Mad Quant (madquant)
Mar 24 2020 at 07:07
52 zpráv(a,y)
Thanks for coming in guys! Let's have a meaningful conversation. I will see your accounts later. :-)

Arun Gandhi (share369)
Mar 24 2020 at 09:06
3 zpráv(a,y)
I can also be reached in twitter at
>> @forexturtle.

Arun Gandhi (share369)
Mar 24 2020 at 09:08
3 zpráv(a,y)
The Mad Quant (madquant)
Mar 24 2020 at 09:34
52 zpráv(a,y)
@share369 - The link doesn't open. I think you forgot to make it public?

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