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Can you consistently make a profit of USD2000 on a USD5000 account?

Chisha Sinyangwe (chisha)
Jan 28 2013 at 18:33
20 příspěvků
Is it possible to make a consistent profit of USD1500-2000 every month trading USD5000 capital?
If you've been able to do that can you please share with us what methods you use?

1.Make pips 2.Keep pips 3.Repeat 1 & 2
Jan 28 2013 at 19:51
134 příspěvků
Finally a decent question
Not able to do that (yet :p ) :)
Betting safe and getting a return of 1500 USD consistant, I'd like to see a live account who does it.

I am the change in the market that causes you to lose :p / Watch out before I negative pip you! ^^
Rustan mallari (tankbeta)
Jan 29 2013 at 03:28
171 příspěvků
40% gain per month? why not. i sometimes do 100% gain with 50 to 100$ accounts. but with 100% risk to ruin heheh

Plan your trades and trade your plans.
Jan 29 2013 at 09:26
192 příspěvků
most traders saying the average is between 10-15% per month, am not convinced with that.... am aiming for 40% per month, n i could do it for the previous 2 months in row ;)

wish me luck for the third month :D

Milos (Mavericker)
Jan 29 2013 at 11:57
5 příspěvků
you are able to do it , depends on accuracy and your hedgin skills, i think its not possible without hedging, but yu must know what to do , when eurusd can easilly move up 80 pips and then down 80 pips in 5M bar, im doing your performance daily, but you must wait you will blow it sometimes, i will give you advice, everyday , safe 30/40% of your daily profit to non trading account and you will be safe ....

Jan 29 2013 at 13:58
28 příspěvků
You can only make big gains with big risks. If you're not trading quants or HFT algorithms then most likely not.

The question you're asking is very deep in relation to ones system. So i'll keep it simple. If you're a discretionary trader and manually place your trades, then reaching 40% return consistently would be quite incredible without taking signifcant risk.

If you carry this mentality for much longer you're going to shoot yourself in the foot that reaching for high percentage returns in a short amount of time, is what trading is all about. You will most likely blow your account up.

If you have a return of 100% per annum, you can bet your bottom dollar after a couple of years you'll be attracting some serious interest from big investors (at least 6 figure sum) if you can sustain a low drawdown that is. This is far more possible based upon discretionary trading...

Milo's answer isnt really accurate in the slightest.

Chisha Sinyangwe (chisha)
Jan 29 2013 at 20:18
20 příspěvků
Thanks for all the insightful answers guys. I'm aiming to make 40% profit every month but it's so damn HARD! sometimes I rake in good profits consistently then I start losing :( damnit! lol

1.Make pips 2.Keep pips 3.Repeat 1 & 2
Jan 30 2013 at 01:34
65 příspěvků
3 years guys, atleast 3 years, thats I would call constant profit.

So anybody here making lets say 5% per month for 3 years?

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jan 30 2013 at 04:51
1607 příspěvků
Can anybody show a VERIFIED LIVE account on MyFxBook with at least 5% average monthly profit for at least 2 years and with less than -25% max. DD...?

The number of such accounts listed under this questions will tell a lot about the chances of an 'average Joe' to make a living on Forex... And we are still not talking about getting rich (with 60% yearly profit...)

So... Anybody...???

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