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Demo can not make you well experienced

Feb 05 2022 at 07:38
139 příspěvků
UweMoench posted:
Demo can not make you well experienced. No matter how much profit you make with demo. The real test begins when you start to trade with real money. When you trade with real money you get emotionally attached to it. When we are attached to anything, we tend to make mistakes. Demo can only help you to know the trading platform and test your strategy.
Demo trading does not make some one a professional or experienced trader. However, it is good enough to provide enough experience to feel the heat of the market. If a trader does not learn from demo trading, he would end up making so many losing trades. At the end, he would lose his confidence as well. My realization is a trader must learn through demo trading.
Feb 07 2022 at 07:16
327 příspěvků
demo experience sometimes doesn't work in really account, its really true. but that not mean , it is useless.  beginners level of course minimum have to spend 3-5 months in here to ensure live trading experience.
Feb 08 2022 at 05:35
24 příspěvků
Demo is the foundation. You learn the basics but what you cannot learn on demo is emotional management. You need to enter live trading for that. This can be done by starting small with a micro account.
Feb 08 2022 at 11:58
15 příspěvků
Demo is equally important just like the micro live account.
Apr 04 2022 at 01:28
176 příspěvků
Demo account is the best option to learn forex and I have learned a lot with practice over demo account.
Apr 04 2022 at 04:46
6 příspěvků
Apr 15 2022 at 09:18
57 příspěvků
A demo account is used for practice. It doesn’t make you an experienced trader. It only helps you with trial and error and you test your strategy to see if it works or not. When you trade with real money, only then you’ll be considered experienced after a period of time, when you pick up tricks of the trade.
Apr 17 2022 at 07:37
327 příspěvků
demo experience sometimes doesn't work in really account, its really true. but that not mean , it is useless.  beginners level of course minimum have to spend 3-5 months in here to ensure live trading experience.  
Apr 19 2022 at 10:25
32 příspěvků
It is not true. Once the strategy which you are using for the demo platform is fully sound and developed, it should be used for the live trading as well.
Apr 22 2022 at 05:02
29 příspěvků
No matter how much you practice on a demo account, it only gives you a vivid idea as you’re dealing with virtual money, when you start live trading, your experiences change and you realise the mistakes and how to rectify them. Ultimately, a demo account does not make you an experienced trader, it may give you unrealistic profit expectations, only use it to practice.
Apr 25 2022 at 02:09
176 příspěvků
The demo is a proper way or a teacher to gain experience.
Aaron Countee (FaintToasted)
Apr 25 2022 at 02:15
49 příspěvků
I did not succeed in trading live until I learned how to trade the demo, but the demo had to do EXTREMELY well in order for me to do well trading live.
Rahima khan (rahimakhan1)
Apr 25 2022 at 05:58
2 příspěvků
In my opinion, it is because you can test your psychology, apply risk management, and overall put your plan to the test, even if it is a demo account. You get real-world experience that will aid you when you begin trading live.
Apr 25 2022 at 10:02
3 příspěvků
Demo is the best way to know how your trading platform works.
Apr 26 2022 at 05:46
25 příspěvků
I have to agree with everyone saying that demo accounts don’t prepare you for the live market conditions. You do get an introduction to the live market through your demo account but when it comes to understanding the live market, you will have to trade in the live market. You can make use of a micro account for that purpose.
Apr 26 2022 at 09:33
51 příspěvků
A demo account, in my opinion, will help you understand how forex trading works and which trading strategies are most advantageous. It will teach you how to trade without risking real money.
Apr 26 2022 at 11:03
57 příspěvků
I agree that a demo can't make you experienced but it can make you well prepared for the live trading.
Apr 28 2022 at 06:30
16 příspěvků
Demo trading accounts are very different from a real trading account. Although it is a good learning platform for newbie traders, in order to gain actual experience and understanding they will have to operate a real trading account with their own money. The market movements and trends need to be seen in real time by new traders, so that they can become skilled traders over time. The kind of emotion that a trader will have to deal with while engaging in forex trade, can only be felt when they are trading on a real account. And achieving emotional stability is something that you get after you start trading in real life.
May 06 2022 at 06:37
21 příspěvků
Yes, demo trading can not make you perfect in trading. No doubt you learn a lot about trading and acquire various skills while trading on a demo account but most traders use it to backtest their strategy.
May 12 2022 at 06:12
47 příspěvků
Demo account is the best place for practice and experience trading. In the demo account, we get access to a real forex trading platform for practising our strategies and there’s a zero chance of losing money on it. It will boost our experience and decision making skills.
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