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Demo can not make you well experienced

Jan 19 at 07:04
12 комментариев
The demo doesn't make you a professional. It just makes you better! Many newcomers to Forex trading think that demo trading is not a good way to make the transition from a newbie to a pro. Demo trading is a great way for a new trader to get a feel of the market without really risking any real money.

Jan 19 at 07:23
102 комментариев
Wrong. Demo make you a little more wiser and experienced. They are just present that way you can trade better in your demo.

Jan 20 at 05:19
11 комментариев
Demo trading will save you from losing your hard-earned money. It will let you practice and learn how to trade with less risk of getting burned. You can also test your system and analyze your strategy for free. This will give you the chance to see if you are doing it right.

Jan 20 at 06:09
116 комментариев
On demo you will learn the basics, but how to manage emotions can only be learnt via live trading.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 20 at 08:19
205 комментариев
Demo accounts remain useful for beginners, but for experienced traders demo accounts cant give them psychological pressure, because treating fake money is different with treat real money, in real money as traders will be more enthusiastic in trading and make their emotions play in minds, when face with loss, and when get profit, emotion will up and down like as the price wave.

Jan 20 at 08:29
37 комментариев
We should neglect the importance demo as this the first step of learning.

Jan 20 at 11:42
530 комментариев
Definitely, a demo account can really not give high results. This is purely an opportunity to slightly improve the level of their knowledge.

Jan 20 at 20:52
14 комментариев
Demo trading doesn't have such a purpose to make you well experienced I think. The main objective of demo trading is to teach you how to understand everything that happens to the market. No doubts, that sometimes people overestimate the essence of demo trading, as well as sometimes these people can underestimate the presence of demo trading. In my opinion, traders have to take it for granted, because it literally is the ticket to trading activity. Of course, some traders neglect demo trading because they are sure that they will handle the market on their own without any help or education. So, here all traders have to decide for them what is more important.

21 часов назад
768 комментариев
skihav posted:
Definitely, a demo account can really not give high results. This is purely an opportunity to slightly improve the level of their knowledge.

Of course, the demo platform helps in skills development. Strategies can be easily developed by trading on demo platforms.

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