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how many pips a year do you need to make ?

Apr 27 2020 at 09:04
83 příspěvků
answer is shocking 1 pip.if you knew you could 100 percent make 1 pip;you would put 100 lots on it.or more with different is like fishing;you could catch 1 blue fin tuna and get over $730;000 at japan fish market.just 1 fish a year.the point is too many traders are getting lots of pips; profit wise not so.after trading many years i have decided less is more.less trades but more certain of trades with higher lots.what do you think.?

Apr 27 2020 at 11:29
9 příspěvků
You also need to take into account drawdown and margin requirements in order to make 1 pip.

Ramon (gnaritas)
May 04 2020 at 17:49
8 příspěvků
You need to make money, not pips. You can make money while losing pips. If you make 10k on 10 pips, and lose 1k on 20 pips, you're +9k but -10 pips. Pips don't matter.

May 07 2020 at 01:36
231 příspěvků
I think any profit in forex is good. 100 pips per month is very good and 300 pips is outstanding. Most people make money for a short period and give all back. So I think 1200 pips a year is very good and 3600 pips outstanding. Do it for 5 years and you know you have an excellent trading system.

May 07 2020 at 10:57
3 příspěvků
100 pips a week mindset if you are a intraday trader or even swing trader will get rid of your greed. It is the cure to greed as per former central bank of london trader mentor. Listen to that, and you will be fine.

May 08 2020 at 12:24
951 příspěvků
In my trading, I am comfortable with the fixed trading spread, I see during the high voltage news, brokers (not all brokers) increase the trading spreads if traders use dynamic trading spread.

May 13 2020 at 17:16
19 příspěvků
It's not about pips, it's about money. You are making money or not, that's all.

Jun 21 2020 at 15:07
19 příspěvků
Um, I've never measured my profit with such a measure. It seemed to me that most traders are focused on the percentage of profit from the current capital, and I also tried to estimate my statistics in this way, perhaps it is worth trying your approach.

Jun 23 2020 at 12:18
7 příspěvků
I think in the end everyone wants to make as much money as possible

Jun 26 2020 at 17:44
19 příspěvků
I have also recently seen such an approach and it turned out to be quite difficult, though really accurate.
But keeping a record after each trade, if you work with short-term positions, is a real job that requires extra time.

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