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How much should you invest in trading

Vivek Nair (viiveknaiir)
Feb 25 at 09:05
3 příspěvků
The million dollar question in forex trading - How much should I start with in forex trading. Technically you can start with as little $5 USD. Yes you heard it right & no limit to upside. But with $5 USD do not expect some fireworks. There is no one straight answer to what's the ideal amount to invest in forex trading. It depends on quite a few factors which we will be getting into right away.

The first factor to consider is this, how much money are you willing to lose. if its $10, $1000 or more. Whatever that amount is is the amount you should consider investing. Second thing is understanding that the higher amount you have in your trading account, the lesser is the risk and there is higher possibility of making gradual returns on your account provided you trade sanely.

Let me explain to you how this works. Lets say you are aiming to make a $100 per week. Now if you invest just a $100, you are aiming to make 100% return per week which can end up in high risk trading.

But if you start with $1000 & aim to make $100 per week, that is still a much lower risk as now you are aiming to make just a 10% of the account. Thirdly, enough money on your account allows you to keep your trades running for longer in case you are on a wrong position, this way you can actually wait for the trades to come back into your favor. These are the important pointers to consider while thinking about how much to invest in trading.

Trading is a business, not a casino. As a trader, you are a businessman, not a gambler.
Feb 25 at 17:35
658 příspěvků
In my opinion, starting trading with only $10 USD is good for learning purpose. For good investment I recommend $500 to $1000.

Feb 26 at 02:53
674 příspěvků
The more you invest, the more you can develop your skills. Because it is never possible to survive in trading without developing skills. I think it is better to make a minimum deposit of 1000 USD.

Mar 06 at 07:40
15 příspěvků
As a beginner, you must not invest a big amount. You better start small so that you stay safe.

Apr 23 at 05:09
12 příspěvků
That entirely depends on your capital and how much you want to spend on trading.

Apr 23 at 09:31
330 příspěvků
tiahsherman posted:
As a beginner, you must not invest a big amount. You better start small so that you stay safe.

Yes. I agree with you. Most traders think that the more you invest the more you can make profits. It is not true.

Apr 23 at 13:49
338 příspěvků
For starting one should not invest a lot. Many people think if they had big capital they would make a lot of money. But the truth is if you do not have enough skills and experience, you will lose all the money. No matter how big or small capital you invest.

Apr 23 at 14:27
640 příspěvků
Always start with low capital. Try to focus on growing this capital into a big one.

Apr 23 at 16:16
23 příspěvků
'It depends on how much you want to invest and if you are confident enough to get back more than what you have invested.

I've used to trade with $10 a trade but gain more but using leverages and slowly raised it to 50 or 100 once I gained the knowledge about it.'

Apr 24 at 01:22
372 příspěvků
Trading should be done with the amount of investment that can be used to maintain money management and risk management.

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