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How much should you invest in trading

Oct 25 at 07:03
46 příspěvků
Though brokers allow traders to start trading with as low as $100, you should be ready to invest more than that.

 As a newbie, you’re more likely to lose money from trading than other traders.

So, you should always have more money to invest because if you have more money, then you will be able to make more profits and develop your skills.

Oct 25 at 07:06
5 příspěvků
Start from small lots, learn how to manage the risk.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Oct 25 at 11:00
98 příspěvků
Agreed, at starting never put your money in risk. Take your time to settle down and see how your capital affects from the trades. Don't make any hurry, trade, learn and grow!

Oct 25 at 12:29
6 příspěvků
Using demo is best low (no) risk way to trade. But once you have that understood you should just trade in small amounts to start

Oct 25 at 13:03
491 příspěvků
I believe that initially you need to invest small amounts. It should be understood that if you invest large amounts at once, you can lose too much.

Suradi (FXOday)
Oct 25 at 22:16
170 příspěvků
It depending your want to start, now forex online trading can start with low deposit even use $1 trader can use the micro account, but the trading condition in the micro account is different with STP and ECN account, and to start trading in STP or ECN account, start with $200 already good initial capital, but they also need to measure trading skill, if not yet ready they can invest small money to start.

Oct 26 at 01:42
71 příspěvků
In addition to your experience, your strategy also depends on how much you invest in trading. You must have a good understanding of price action and indicators. The more you invest, the more you make. Your strategies and experience will totally determine your profit and loss.

Oct 26 at 14:08
25 příspěvků
It doesn't matter how much money will you invest in trading actually. The matter is how will you turn your initial deposit into millions. If we speak about intraday trading, then it really doesn't matter because everything will be depend on your skills, knowledge and the main goal for you is not to lose money, but multiply them. If we will talk about investing, then here, sums of money matter, because the more money you will invest the more income you will get. Investors, generally, are aimed at long-term investments and they invest lots of money in order to get income in future and have an opportunity to extract their money.

Christian Paul (8christianpaul8)
Oct 27 at 17:04
111 příspěvků
Start with money that's really small. There are cent accounts nowadays so your 50 bucks can act like 5000 on a cent account. It will allow you to experience a big account without much risk. When you can consistently make money month after month for let's say 6 months, then you can move to a standard account with a bigger capital.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Oct 28 at 04:18
57 příspěvků
In matters of returns, forex trading has a simple rule: the more you invest, the more return you could get.
Therefore, you can trade and invest according to your financial goals.

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