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am i doing this right?

Sep 15 at 18:53
5 příspěvků
im new to trading fx and im not making much though i think ive decent percentages. can someone look at my portfolio and give me some advice please.

Sep 15 at 19:03
176 příspěvků
what percentage are you making per month?

Sep 15 at 19:27
5 příspěvků
i started last monday. took me a couple days to get used to it. im at 4.5pc just now but im only up 2g

Sep 15 at 19:29
5 příspěvků
ive done 100 trades so far 76pclongs and 90pc shorts

Sep 24 at 19:24
473 příspěvků
gizmothesheepdog posted:
ive done 100 trades so far 76pclongs and 90pc shorts

Keep learning and practicing on a demo account if you have any doubt.

Sep 30 at 05:18
374 příspěvků
@RobSchiz yes there is no alternative to learning. It's a continuous process. It never ends as market keep changing over time.

Sep 30 at 07:56
380 příspěvků
So you would show your deals, at least some of them

Sep 30 at 10:40
61 příspěvků
It is fine, keep practicing and try to make some changes in strategy if you think they are in your favor.

Oct 03 at 12:19
672 příspěvků
If you think you are new and don't know much about trading. You should focus on skills developing. Without enough skills, it's not possible to survive for long time.

Nov 09 at 17:29
670 příspěvků
Traders need to choose their trading style and strategy.

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