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Is a demo account really neccassary?

Mar 22 at 07:41
38 příspěvků
A demo account is needed in the beginning. You need to spend some time understanding the market and when you can do that without having to risk your money, I think there is no reason you shouldn’t do it.
Mar 22 at 16:08
801 příspěvků
A demo is definitely a necessary stage, especially for a beginner. For example, when I started working I used a demo account.
Mar 25 at 04:39
73 příspěvků
They say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, and there is only one place where forex traders can practice their strategies and obtain new knowledge about forex trading, i.e., a demo account. Since forex trading involves money, it is better to practice as much as possible instead of rushing towards trading a live account only to blow it eventually.

Apr 03 at 09:54
123 příspěvků
instead of demo sometime it is more appropriate to trade in a micro account to increase trading performance very rapidly. i like this strategy
Apr 04 at 05:51
25 příspěvků
There’s obviously no compulsion but it’s good to practice on a demo account before trading in the live market. Along with clearing your basic doubts, it builds confidence in trading and prepares you for the live market.
Apr 04 at 06:39
36 příspěvků
It is completely on you though but the question is, are you really confident to straight away jump to live trading?
Apr 04 at 07:59
38 příspěvků
Yes, demo trading is necessary in a way that you get to experience trading before you start risking your money. I believe it’s better than going directly into the live market and being clueless about using a platform and trading tools. Practising on a demo account will help overcome the barrier.
Apr 12 at 06:52
26 příspěvků
I would say YES. Demo accounts are quite necessary for beginners who are yet to understand the functioning of the forex market. Along with that, they fill new traders with the confidence to execute trades in the live market.
Apr 14 at 04:57
70 příspěvků
Trading can be really tough for the beginners and that is why you need to have a demo account. You will be able to see how the market works and you will also be able to see how the strategies work in real time. This is a great way to learn more about the strategies and to also test them out. You have to have access to the trade simulator in order to get the most out of your trading
Apr 17 at 09:03
147 příspěvků
now i m using demo account to see my price action trading strategy, really its supporting me right now.
Apr 18 at 07:31
26 příspěvků
Yes, all the demo accounts are practice accounts and are designed to help you play around with the trading process, which will help you know about how a real account works.Demo trading is also a very good way of learning how to trade and gaining confidence.
Apr 18 at 07:40
22 příspěvků
Yes it is. Demo account is the best place to test your skills and knowledge. It will help you get a feeling of how the market works and what to expect. If you use a demo account as a practice ground, it's going to benefit you a lot.
Apr 18 at 07:45
23 příspěvků
I would nod to this as I believe that it would be stupid of any trader to jump into the market without making use of the free tool to obtain practical knowledge. It’s good to be confident about the lessons you have taken but practising on a demo account for a while would only help you.
Apr 20 at 04:01
32 příspěvků
Demo accounts can provide some benefit to new traders because they allow the trader to become familiar with trading software and get a sense of how the market works. Also, it gives access to market charts, trading signals, forex news, and more.
Apr 20 at 09:44
703 příspěvků
sometimes the result of demo works to fail, because in practically there is so difference between live and demo account.
Apr 21 at 08:53
123 příspěvků
now i am trading in demo where using high leverage to see the performance how it works.
Apr 22 at 05:33
25 příspěvků
A demo account is really necessary if you want to know about the market and practice the trading. Trading on a demo account gives you insights about your trading skills, market behaviour, and strategies. You can experiment on a demo account without having any fear. You do not have any risk of losing money there.

So if you're just entering into forex trading, you must start with a demo account.
Apr 22 at 07:23
47 příspěvků
The demo account is not only recommended for beginner traders but also important for experienced traders because the demo account is a risk free tool where traders can use it to develop new skills or strategies.

I used certain brokers' demo accounts, such as avatrade and FP Markets, since they provided e-books, video tutorials, and other educational materials for traders venturing into forex for the first time.
Apr 23 at 09:35
26 příspěvků
Yes, it is definitely necessary and beneficial for new traders to get familiar with the platform because it gives a real-life trading experience. Also, it is risk-free, with no real capital involved, and the best tool to develop various skills and strategies.
Apr 25 at 09:41
123 příspěvků
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