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Bio :
Software Developer and Forex Trader.

Born in Mozambique in 1968 then lived 20 years in South Africa and now, currently living in Portugal.

Obchodní styl :
I am inclined to favour automated systems and dedicating most of my efforts to "MetaTrader v4" and some in "MetaTrader v5".

Motto :
Deduction = Knowledge + Intuition!

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Zaregistrovaný Jul 28, 2012 at 21:21

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PARMAR GBP-USD +527.05% 20.00 1003.9 PARMAR GBP-USD performance
PARMAR EUR-USD +240.55% 23.52 680.9 PARMAR EUR-USD performance
DayBreak EUR-USD Single Trailing +317.97% 13.59 765.0 DayBreak EUR-USD Single Trailing performance
DayBreak GBP-USD Single Trailing +531.37% 13.96 975.0 DayBreak GBP-USD Single Trailing performance
Feb 07, 2016 at 07:46
You are on the right way with the education and with your approch....Good doing!
FMIC Aug 05, 2012 at 06:05
I embarked on this journey in December, 2011 and started off manual trading with CFD's and Indices with the broker "IG Markets" but did really badly loosing 500 € in the process.

I decided that I had started off the wrong way and with the wrong mind-set and very little knowledge. So I invested in some "education" and enrolled myself into the "Rockwell Ultimate Day Trading Course". It gave me the fundamental and basic tools to start fresh with a new and more disciplined outlook on the subject.

After dedicating some time to research, I decided to embark yet again on a new journey into this world of Forex Trading, but this time, a little more prepared I hope.

I opened a few Demo accounts on different brokers, as well as a Real (but micro) Account to start things on this new journey. I also decided to participate in a Trading Contest, just as an incentive to myself, but obviously I do not expect to win against all these seasoned traders. It will however help me compare my skills and abilities to others and in so doing, learn from this experience.

Well, this is how I stand now on August 4th, 2012!
FMIC Aug 06, 2012 at 06:06
Looks like the Contest I enrolled in has been cancelled. Oh well, until next time!