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Bio :
I am a Aeronautical Enginnering working for a mainly aircraft manufacting in the word. In paralling I started the trading carrier 5 year ago. I started with some trading trading in the New York market and later I bought a big forex elite training course with a London Egde founder. So from that point i started learning how to trade and how to work with a trading plan with a strong money management system.

Obchodní styl :
My trading style is very short trading. I entry in the market at london opening with a EA that I created. My EA is taking care of my pair previos selected. This EA is performance a break out strategic with a reference of Average Daily Range and value of Strech. The mainly think of my EA is the way how handle the position and the money management system.

Motto :
You can have simple strategic but with a good money management system and discipline you will get the goal without problem

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Zaregistrovaný May 13, 2017 at 20:34

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