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Vārds Jose Rordiguez

I am a Aeronautical Enginnering working for a mainly aircraft manufacting in the word. In paralling I started the trading carrier 5 year ago. I started with some trading trading in the New York market and later I bought a big forex elite training course with a London Egde founder. So from that point i started learning how to trade and how to work with a trading plan with a strong money management system.

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My trading style is very short trading. I entry in the market at london opening with a EA that I created. My EA is taking care of my pair previos selected. This EA is performance a break out strategic with a reference of Average Daily Range and value of Strech. The mainly think of my EA is the way how handle the position and the money management system.

You can have simple strategic but with a good money management system and discipline you will get the goal without problem

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