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Inrex Ea


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Bio :
Hello traders ,

This is JoanneYip and HusonChow from Hong Kong . We learnt building trading systems since 2016 and trade our own fund in the last 15 years .
We have developed over hundred of trading systems to manage our own fund and we invest part of the fund into testing new strategy as a laboratory before selling to the market .
Our experience told us that , Backtesting and Demo account is not trustable and especially to my latest product {TripleH} which is managing 24 pairs at the same time and among those 24 pairs keep communicating with each other to find out the "Real Trend" . Also , we did a lot of stress test into our product to avoid those "Traps" from the market or brokers like Huge slippage , different data feed , Swap changes , spreads .

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Zaregistrovaný Jun 28 2016 at 02:10

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MarketMaker Joker by Inrex +244.68% 62.35 206207.0 MarketMaker Joker by Inrex performance
MarketMaker BlueStorm by Inrex +56.19% 10.24 1282.3 MarketMaker BlueStorm by Inrex performance
Miner Parafly 6.42 +0.0% 0.00 0.0 Miner Parafly 6.42  performance
True Or Dare Web +0.0% 0.00 0.0 True Or Dare Web performance
FiveElements EU +118.68% 59.81 300.5 FiveElements EU performance
FiveElements +1967.94% 48.60 -20319.0 FiveElements  performance
TripleH +4172.21% 48.61 11650.0 TripleH  performance
TripleH 6.2 Version +5834.15% 66.93 13700.0 TripleH 6.2 Version performance
TripleH 10USD +22226.5% 69.54 16650.0 TripleH 10USD performance