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Actually , after a deeper consideration (I have through many night almost a year to make the decision to stop inrex service ) . My decision remained the same , maybe I am tired on this part , every time when I have hope , and maybe 1 month later , the product will be cracked and shown on clubbing buy or some other channel .

The point is : MQL markets had already educated most of the users to use cracked version or intend to crack your version . They dont think how much time you had spent on it , they just want to steal your copyright nowadays . So , even we have a very good plan to secure the digital property , I guess they will not use it , and only keep going on finding crack one or using another cracked one . So , it's a Decreasing value of a brand ,never can do it like Netflix or Disney+, Time is important and you never can make a positive curve from market share even your live record is making huge return with long period of time since some cracked web like ClubbingBuy and MQL is still remain the same attitude which does nothing on their developers copyright . It's not worth to do it for me already . I would like to spend the time on something can be scaled up for long term .

In the past few years , I had tried to improve the 90/10 win and lose ratio from the market by creating EA . Now I know that it's a changeable ratio . Finally some kinds of power like cracking or any other factors might destroy your plan . So , the best way is , when you have a good strategy , just use it by yourself . and finally , only the broker knows your orders and share it to somewhere . So the cracking and stealing concept will never be stopped . That's why I 100% confirm this is a scam market , MQL scam developer for higher volume , most developer intend to scam consumer by coding shit products , brokers intend to scam clients , clients intend to steal , users share signals to make advantage from copier, this is a gambling market with Zero-sum concept and it's not a win-win market at all , how could those sharing works ?? if you want to be honest or kind , you will be hunted next day . In this Jungle , how could people just not to become a cracker , reseller , thief ?? and I want to keep my mind clear and happy , and keep running what I have and spend the rest of time on other win-win and scalable business . So I have chosen to leave this place .

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Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Not selling to public forever WhiteLabel No1 2161.30% 42.99% 3397.0 Automated 1:500 Real
Not selling to public forever WhiteLabel No2 1383.43% 13.65% 92924.0 Automated 1:500 Real
Not selling to public forever WhiteLabel No3 226.82% 22.32% 33935.0 Automated 1:500 Real
Not selling to public forever WhiteLabel No4 25.79% 2.14% 3392.0 Automated 1:500 Real
Not selling to public forever WhiteLabel No5 97.63% 4.08% 5754.4 Automated 1:500 Real
Not selling to public forever WhiteLabel 6 4.75% 8.85% -243.8 Automated 1:500 Real


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OpenEa%20by%20InrexEA +8.35M% 8.17 970927.0 OpenEa%20by%20InrexEA performance

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