I researched Financial Trading in 2009, completed a Dip.Financial Trading with ex Barclays Trader Peter [email protected] .I started Trading Forex 4 years ago, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP, before that Stocks and Commodities,I was offered a job in a Prop firm and later as AUM in Central London at JNF Capital .I have studied Corporate Finance through Stern University .currently a member of Lex Van Dam Trading Club.My first student traded Oil contracts successfully gaining percentages better than most top Professional Traders.
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I specialize in trading the Euro,I use my experience and training I have gained over this last 7 years,I use 1hr and 4hr charts,price action ,low risk high reward opportunities.Swing Trader mostly I wait for large investors to participate and take advantage of the situation.I place my entry where most retail place their stop.
"They mistook leverage with genius".