Started trading in the year 2012. Lots of things happened since then. Lost lots and lots of money, and lost a lot more. And lose even more. True traders never gives up. We all took a beating but what matters is to pick ourselves up and come back much better.

Trader with a mental capacity to take on the market.

Myfxbook admin knows me as person with too much honesty, most of my posts needs to go through moderation. I feedback the good and also the bad about myfxbook. I keep pushing the limits of what are offered here.
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Fundamental & Technical

The use of fundamental insights & technical analysis. Trades are usually considered after the market has moved and setups has revealed itself.
Each trade entered has already fit the requirements of a high probability profitable trade. Each time a trade has been entered, it is monitored for pullback (drawdown). There is a specific special criteria for taking loss on a trade (unlike a hard stop loss). This means market is fluctuating and not ready to move in our direction. Mental resilience is also used to manage the trade, taking losses due to understanding and not giving up.
Never Give Up or Give In To The Market


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Jméno Zisk Čerpání Pipy Obchodování Páka Typ
Contest - watchme 184.79% 33.81% 467.1 Ručně 1:400 Demo
Contest - watchme 26.23% 47.65% 1145.4 Ručně 1:200 Reálný
Real Live Account with 1% Profit 1.09% 11.14% -514.5 Ručně 1:500 Reálný
Live Account Recovered $4200 From $1700 to $5900 0.16% 69.27% -2116.0 Ručně 1:400 Reálný